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Categories disappearing from model along with elements in cloud model

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Categories disappearing from model along with elements in cloud model

Fellow Revit users,


I had today the most dangerous and bizarre Revit error I´ve seen to date.


Some categories just DISAPPEARED completely. Not only the elements, but the category itself.


In this case, Room and Spaces categories disappeared out of the blue from an architectural model we use as background for our MEP models. The consequence of that is that we lost all the boundaries to which the spaces, and consequently the HVAC zones were linked.


I found out that this was the source of the problem because I tried and older Arch model and it worked fine. So I decided to open the suspected model to see if there was some kind of problem with the spaces and/or rooms, only to discover that the whole categories got completely lost, along with its elements.

Does anybody experienced this problem before? Could it be a Collaboration for Revit issue or could it happen in a server or local file?





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in reply to: gloria.luna

hi @gloria.luna

Its been a while and I'm just checking back on this issue -

If your categories disappear then please check the following

1. Please check your view range cut plane has to cut through the space

2. Your spaces have to be turned on (you can turn off Color fill, Interior and reference) 

3. Make sure your workset is turned on in your view.

Let me know if you are able to resolve your issue.

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