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Cant't open

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Cant't open

User cannot open any cloud models in folder



We are having a problem with one particular user as he is not able to open any cloud workshared models in the Link RVT window.

  • The files are visible to that user if one accesses the via the Autodesk Docs drive.
  • The user is running the latest build for the Revit version (2021)
  • The user is running the latest build for Autodesk Desktop Connector
  • The user is accessing the files via External Resources > BIM360
  • The other members can see the cloud workshared models
  • The user has the exact same permissions as the other users
  • We tried removing and adding the project again in the Autodesk Desktop Connector app to reset the cached files
  • we tried signing out, reboot, and signing in again. 
  • all links gray 

Nothing worked.

Any ideas on what it might be?

Thanks in advance

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in reply to: zbartosevicius

  • The user is accessing the files via External Resources > BIM360

not the right thing to do here.

user should access like the attached image:





And one stupid question here: does the user have an proper Design Collaboration pro license? Remember : enable the collaboration pro in ACC or BIM 360 for user IS NOT a license, but only an access to. The attribution is through the account manager.



hope that could help



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