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Cannot view specific project files in Autodesk Construction Cloud

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Cannot view specific project files in Autodesk Construction Cloud

Hey Everyone,

Our company is attempting to transition from Fieldwire to ACC, but we seem to have a cascading amount of problems.


The field workers are all using the latest iPad in order to view the specifics of each project, today we're starting to teach the foremen how to use the Construction Cloud to view full 3D Revit projects from the ACC app for iPadOS (15.5 is the earliest compatible operating system I believe, thankfully we are on iPadOS 17.)


We had to update a couple of the iPads in order to download the app, but that wasn't a big setback, what is a big setback is the fact that once the app is downloaded, only a few random RVT files are available to view, even after waiting for 3 hours and force reloading projects.  The other Revit files (the ones we currently need to view) attempt to open, hang for a second, and then give an error stating:


Couldn't open view.

This file type may not be supported.


This is obviously not true, as we are able to open an entirely modeled apartment complex in ACC, on this specific tablet, that is much bigger than the model that we need to view.


Is anyone else having this problem?  We're not sure what to do at this point other than just stick with Fieldwire, which we don't necessarily want to do, as we can't even view our 3D projects in it.


Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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We’ve had more luck exporting our Revit models into navisworks files that the field can open through either the autodesk construction cloud app (if you’re willing to pay for licensing) or download to their iPads and open as standalone models through the BIM360 glue app. Typically the Navisworks models will be lighter as which helps with iPads as they still have pretty limited amounts of ram.

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I have viewed the .nwd model which is around 400mb on my iPad. 
I think the best practice is you need to convert to nwd format which is more comfortable when review on ACC mobile app.

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