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Cannot View Model on A360

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Cannot View Model on A360

When I publish our model from Collaboration for Revit, in the viewer (Firefox) I get this message:



On the iPad I get "Failed generating file preview. Please try uploading the file again or contact us for additional assistance"


It's been this way for several weeks, ever since we upgraded to Revit 2016/C4R.  I have even saved down the file from A360 and re-uploaded it, then published again, but still the same result.




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 Hi Scott, sorry for the trouble you're having. 


  • Just to double check, how many sheets does that file have that you're posting?
  • We're seeing that if  >100, it causes the translation to fail in some cases.
  • As a test would it be possible for you to use the "Views for A360" tool and limit the # of sheets to <100, just to see if that fixes the translation issue.


Then we'll know that is the case, however, if not, we'll then try something else.






Brett Wright
Community Manager
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Yes, we have well over 100 sheets (over 500), but in the views for A360 window, we only have about 5 sheets selected to publish in addition to the 3D view.  We mostly like the viewer for the 3D so we limited the number of sheets so it would publish faster.



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in reply to: BrettWright

A quick update on where this issue is at with this customer for the C4R team.


Sep 10

  • Customer is publishing a model from C4R, however the file isn't viewable from within the A360 Team Project after it publishes.
  • The publishing process works fine, just not the final translation in A360 Team.
  • The file has 400 sheets + 200 linked, however, the customer has been only selecting 4 sheets to be viewable. (860MG in total)
  • I've personally uploaded the file to another project in my hub, (both via composite upload as well an Individual file set) and the files don't translate on my end either. 
  • Customer uploaded a smaller file with 20 sheets (no publish, just upload) and file translated fine.
  • I've submitted to Alex B and the Cloud Ops SOC team (their case is PD#1527)

Sep 11 update

  • Customer tried to re-Publish the same 860 mg file this am 2x, each time failed, (see below screenshot)
  • Requested that customer try and republish another smaller file from another C4R project to see if just that one project,file issue, or a broader publishing thing from our end.

hennebery fail pic.png



Brett Wright
Community Manager
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in reply to: BrettWright

Hi heaarchmoreland,


Apologies for the delayed response.  If you could, please attempt to publish the model again (with a limited number of sheets and views, just as you have tried in the past.)  If the operation is continuing to fail, please post your journal so that we can begin analyzing our service activity in response to your action.  If you do not feel comfortable posting your journal on a public fashion, feel free to email it to me directly at


Thank you,

Mike Lee

A360 Collaboration for Revit QA


Michael B. Lee

Principal QA Analyst
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Ok. I will soon when I get into the office. Last week the model would publish but not view on A360. But as of Friday it would not publish either. In the past, to fix the publishing issue I have saved off the model and re-uploaded a new one but this is not preferred because we have 12 users now and we lose all of the version history/back up. Making a new file however was not fixing the A360 viewing issue.
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Definitely continue to work with Michael here on your case, and then he and i will communicate behind the scenes if there is any further need for the A360 team to come back in on the case as well.



Thanks for your patience, you're definitely in good hands with Michael.



Brett Wright
Community Manager
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We have identified an issue that is leading to failures in publishing some models from Collaboration for Revit to A360 Team; the following article has been created to track the status of this issue:

Collaboration for Revit: Publish fails


The workaround in the link above would be to manually save a copy of the model and post it to the A360 Team project.


If you save a copy of the model and modify it so that it contains only the views you want to display through A360 Team, does this allow you to share the model and have it viewable on the A360 Team page?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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in reply to: Lance.Coffey

Update: There has been a change on the A360 Team site regarding creating file previews, and this is allowing previews to be generated (where previously they would fail).


Is anyone still seeing the "This item couldn't be processed for viewing..." message after publishing a model?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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After this change, our file appears to be publishing and previewing again. Thanks!

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