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Cannot save project to Revit server 2016

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Cannot save project to Revit server 2016

I'm using Revit 2016 to save a project to Revit server but I get this error:


This operation could not be completed. Please try again.


Attached is ther journal logs from my PC. Can you please help me to identify the issue? Thank you so much.

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in reply to: ongandong

@ongandong, thank you for the question.


From reviewing the provided journal file, I think the following line may be relevant:

' 2:< API_ERROR {  System.NotSupportedException exception(The given path's format is not supported.) was thrown from a handler of Autodesk.Revit.Proxy.DB.Events.DocumentSavingAsEventArgsProxy event. The API event handler was registered by application Ribbon (c946375a-911d-4ae7-bb37-89e929acb6f6). Changes made by this handler are going to be discarded. }


Specifically this part: The given path's format is not supported.


The path you are saving to appears to be: R3500-16 SUNWAH PEARL CONDO/1. ARCHITECT/2. WIP/1. MODEL/1. REVIT/LINKS/Project1.rvt


Could you test saving into the root path for Revit Server (instead of the sub-folders that begin with #. and confirm if the error still occurs?


Also, the following article has more information on the Operation could not be completed error. If you have not already found this article, I would suggest reviewing it for additional troubleshooting options:

Revit Server Error: "This operation could not be completed. Please try again."

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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in reply to: Lance.Coffey

Hi Lance,

I tried saving to the root of Revit server but still got the same issue. Attached are the journal logs, please help me review it again. Thank you.

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in reply to: ongandong

Thank you for the update @ongandong.


From reviewing the updated journal, the previously seen message (The given path's format is not supported) is no longer recorded, indicating that saving to the root path has changed the behavior.


Note: The error seen (this operation could not be completed…) is fairly generic so we need to review the journals and server logs to get a better idea of what is going on, and if a change we make has in impact (beyond clearing the error).


In the latest journal, I am seeing the following lines recorded preceding the error:

' 4:< Time: 7/30/2018 13:27:29:539 Calling: UploadFile

 ' 4:< About to upload file: preview.0200.dat

 ' 4:< Retry Count: 0 . Caught exception: 

 ' 4:<   System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail]: Internal Server Error

 ' 6:< Operation - ServerDataFileStream::uploadFile: ModelSessionToken: User's Name nguyen.minh.son5H8ZU, User's Machine Name VNOOD090, Operation GUID dba1d1a6-e4bf-4352-8b43-ada6c0b727a4, Central server = "VNRVT01", Path = "Project1.rvt", 

 ' 6:< Time: 7/30/2018 13:27:29:857 Calling: UploadFile

 ' 6:< About to upload file: incrementtable.0200.dat

 ' 6:< Retry Count: 0 . Caught exception: 

 ' 6:<   System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail]: Internal Server Error


 'C 30-Jul-2018 13:27:29.945;   2:< WCF Generic Fault Exception. The services could not be in a good state.


The messaging in the journal is also fairly generic (Internal Server Error). Can you reply with more details of what you found when reviewing the server log (as described in the article posted previously) especially around the Operation GUID seen above?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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in reply to: ongandong

@ongandong Checking back in on this issue: Have you found a resolution, or are still going through the troubleshooting steps?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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