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Cannot publish /Acquire Coordinate when using C4R to collaborate on cloud ?

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Cannot publish /Acquire Coordinate when using C4R to collaborate on cloud ?


 I cannot publish or acquire coordinate to/from the linked model when all model are collaborate on cloud.


 Any Idea ?

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in reply to: bimweera

What are the paths of the links? Please go to Manage Links and check. Is it pointing BIM 360? Or local? 


Also please refer to this:

Yuri Kim
Product Support Specialist, AEC
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in reply to: yurikim

Of course it's pointing to BIM360 and when I use command "Publish Coordinate" it's seem like I'm not be able to select any link files.


Is this function available in bim360 C4R?



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I believe if the shared coordinates have already been established you cannot updated them on C4R without removing them and a whole workaround.  My suggestion would be to export the models to CAD and figure out where they need to be in there and then use the specify coordinates at a point tool in Revit and manually type them in.  This way you don't have to monkey around with acquiring and publishing not working.

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Great suggestion @eschappe_flad_com 

Thanks !!

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