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Cannot Open Workshared Cloud Model only on this PC

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Cannot Open Workshared Cloud Model only on this PC

Hi all,


Whenever I try to open 3 of my MEP models on Revit 2022 which are stored on BIM 360, the following dialogue box just closes after a good 10 minutes and the models do not open. There are no erros that pop up or anything either. I have uninstalled Revit however the problem persists




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i saw this on a user pc in previous project. the Pc was low on memory (around 10go free) which was not enough for the Revit models. 


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My system has a 1TB SSD with more than half of it's space left as well as 32GB of ram that does not reach high usage so I am unsure what the issue could be

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try to open with one link at a time to catch the issue.

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Hello @engineeringVZC4Z 

Have you had the opportunity to try the suggestion by @Yien_Chao  ?  To open with Specify Worksets to limit the links being loaded?

Close all worksets which might contain the links (s)

If the host model opens, Can you open each link with Audit option and Sync to central?
Then return to the host model and open the host with Audit.


If this does not help,  Does the problem happen for other user in this particular project?

If the problem is limited to one pc (or even a few),  Please try Disabling Addins per this article.

How to disable add-ons for Revit | Revit | Autodesk Knowledge Network


Michael C
Technical Support Specialist
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