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Cannot open Revit 2017 file on BIM 360 TEAM: error displays "missing elements"

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Cannot open Revit 2017 file on BIM 360 TEAM: error displays "missing elements"

Hello everyone, despite having restored 2 times to a previous version of the file (Open Revit > CollaborateManage Cloud Models > Actions > Restore to a Previous Version), it is still unaccessible to any user. Is there anyone who can help us to sort it out?

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Thank you for taking your time to post this on the forum, 


We've managed to get Matteo and his team up and running again with their model, so I'll give the forum folk here a little tips if you should experience it yourselves. 

I would follow these steps chronologically, but they can vary based on relevance. 

  1. See if you can open the project with Audit - which can be found in the open dialog of Revit
  2. If not then proceed to clear the Collaboration for Revit cache and see if you can open the file afterwards.
    You can find a guide in the article below: 
  3. Recover the project from a backup file / Or contact Autodesk Support for assistance. 

If you ever succeed in getting the model open, make sure that everyone from the project clean their collaboration cache. 


NOTE: If you feel it's a lot to take on you are more than welcome to contact me directly in a private message here on the forum, but the safest way to get feedback from us would be to create a support case. 


Best Regards,

Jacob Westergaard

Autodesk Premium Support Team
AEC Premium Support Services
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Wonderful! Thank you again Jacob!

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