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Hi there,


We are 10 people working on a project in the cloud.


9 user does not havr any problem, however one user have the same problem everytime he try to open the file as picture below show:Screenshot_20190112-193457_Remote Desktop.jpg



Any idea on how to solve the problem? If we are not in the cloud it is has an easy fix, detach this file, audit, and save as again in the same location, but in the cloud this process is more time consuming.


Any ideas?


Thank you very much.

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@ambrosio.gomezC988N Are you able to open the linked file directly and do you see any message?



Martyn Messerli
Software Engineer
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Hi there,

Yep the file can be opened in the PC which shows this problem and nothing shows.

Although when trying to open the file which contain this link, the message appear and the link is unloaded automatically.

Thank you very much.
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@ambrosio.gomezC988N Following the instruction of the error message should bring more light into this problem. Seems like you aren't experiancing any errors when you do so. Maybe linking again the model could help. I'm not a Revit expert, maybe someone else has an idea.

Martyn Messerli
Software Engineer
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Hi Martyn,

Thanks for that.

Even without workingsharing in the cloud this issue is kind of common in Revit.

Without working in the cloud it is straight forward to fix. Audit-detach file, save as overriding previous version and sorted (revit will never gave me further details).

In terms of cloud is different as I cannot do this approach as if I do so I will delete all the versions that are in B360 so no good deal.

Obviusly if we think why the normal approcah works we can think it is due to temp files, bad writings in the log and other (as the first approach is just overriding those files).

Said so I manually went to temp files, local cloud cache and so on (you know the typical autodesk advice), but no luck.

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Are you using Desktop Connector? Users with version will not be able to find links. Autodesk has released a new version ( today


Install the new version and it will solve the issue.


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I am using Autodesk Desktop and share the bugs that I found however the problem I am facing is not about this little app.

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Hi @ambrosio.gomezC988N 


Can you try installing the latest desktop connector - Download Windows Version

January 25, 2019 (v. and see if this helps resolve your issue?





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in reply to: Viveka_CD

Hi @ambrosio.gomezC988N,


I am checking back to see if one of the great posts in this thread helped you with your question. If so, please take a moment to reward the poster or posters with a Kudos and select the Accept as Solution button on those posts that helped.


Thank you and have a great day!



Anil Mistry
Technical Support Specialist
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Sorry, no much luck from the comments.

Got to unistall revit and install revit, doing that worked.


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