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Cannot link revit files

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Cannot link revit files

When in mange links/ revit / Bim 360 I do not see the files I need to link. If I go to the site through a browser the files are there.

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Another issue when a select manage cloud model the model we are using shows it has been updated 9/29. When I go to the project it shows last update 7/24.

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This sounds like a Collaboration for Revit issue, not a BIM 360 Field issue. I am going to move this over to the Collaboration forums. 



Also, if I understand you correctly, these linked models are already in BIM 360 Team correct? Did you drag/drop them in there or did you use the Collaboration for Revit process? If you drag-dropped them, my understanding would be that the models then wouldn't be available for Collaboration for Revit. You might want to check out the two following articles:


Collaboration for Revit: How to work with linked files from a user who does not have C4R


Get Project Models into Collaboration for Revit



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Thank you for the question.


When selecting BIM 360 Team in the open dialog of Revit, the only Revit models that will show up, are those that were uploaded through the Collaboration for Revit service (i.e. within Revit).


(There are additional protections put in place regarding model versions. I.e. BIM 360 Team projects containing 2016 C4R models would not show up when going to open/link a BIM 360 Team model in Revit 2017.)


If you look at the Type of Revit model listed on the BIM 360 Team project page (in the browser) can you confirm if it shows Cloud Revit Model or Revit Files? (Cloud Revit Models would indicate the model was uploaded through the C4R service)?


On the topic of the model version, the process to update a BIM 360 Team model when using the C4R service is a manual one. To update the model on the Team site, use the Publish command within Revit.

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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