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Cannot link cloud hosted models

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Cannot link cloud hosted models



I recently moved to a new computer with windows 11 installed. I opened a cloud hosted model that I had been working on for months on another computer. It loaded and had the pop up saying that links were not loaded. I went to check and correct this when I noticed that all the linked in and cloud hosted models were now unloaded. When I go to reload them, I can get to External References and BIM360, but the project, folder, and models are not there. Everything is working normally in Revit 21, 22, and 23. A co-worker upgraded to the same computer and does not have this issue looking at the same model. We have uninstalled and reinstalled. We're stumped. Really the only images I have to show this problem is the file path window.  

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in reply to: mlwellhausen

stupid question here, but do you still have a design licence? and are you using the same version of Revit as the file?

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in reply to: Yien_Chao

Yes, I opened the cloud hosted 2020 model and I am trying to reload the Revit 2020 cloud hosted links. 

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in reply to: mlwellhausen

Disabling the NWC Publish add-in has helped to resolve the issue. The issue with this add-in for Revit 2020 was identified soon after its release and has been removed from the Autodesk Desktop App.

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