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Cannot download link file, Revit 2021

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Cannot download link file, Revit 2021

Hi, I've installed the hotfix 2021.1.7, yet the central file still cannot load linked revit file, all files are on cloud. 

Here are the errors - 

1) Try link under "external resource - BIM 360" no show of any folders

2) Try link under "Autodesk Docs" - see the cloud files, yet downloading takes forever, and eventually says "unable to download the file"


I can see the preview on BIM 360 Document Management, so the access is there.

I've tried uninstall and reinstall Revit 2021, update the software with 2021.1.7 twice, nothing happened. 

Tried disable add-ons, it doesn't solve the problem. My coworker is using the same add-on as I am, therefore it shouldn't be the issue. 


Please advice, thanks! 



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This problem with the desktop connector happened to me a few times, especially V16 was driving me crazy.

Now when I encounter such problems, I try the following in order:

1- Sign in Sign out (in Revit and Docs)
2- Uninstalling Desktop Connector
3- Reinstalling from the link v. version Desktop connector.

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@zhiyi_chen1234 Did you ever sort this issue out?

I am having the same problem and have followed all the steps as suggested, signed in and out of Revit and BIM360 Docs, uninstalled the desktop connector and reinstalled the latest version and then uninstalled and reinstalled Revit 2021 but still having the same issue.


Other members on my team have no issues at all and can access all the linked files and we have exactly the same folder access permissions on BIM360 so am stumped as to why this is happening?!


I've even downloaded the source model from the BIM360 Docs web page and tried to save it back up to the cloud through Revit but it says I don't have BIM 360 access even though I am signed in!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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