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Cancel autoupdate ACC or freeze version of linked model

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Cancel autoupdate ACC or freeze version of linked model

Hi all,


I have got a question about linked models in revit. (this topic is also available on this part of the forum)

Small explanation. In our projects we work with multiple disiplines and company's together. 

for example: i am making model 'C-Model noisebarrier' that needs to fit with model 'A' and 'B' so i links these models into my model. and create my drawings sheets based on model V17, on a monday[have to deliver the final on wednesday, the other company's are also still working on the design] and have these reviewed internally, the projectleader says, drawings are okay, print them with final stamp on it.







The next day i open my revit model and i get this message about files that are getting updated to the latest version.





What happens to my drawing sheets is that all my meassurement are deleted and de detail positions are shifted. while my 'reviewed drawing was based on version V17 checked by the projectleader'. and i had only to put final in my stamp, now my complete drawing is destroyed, and i can get my drawings finished in time, while there will be a fine when i deliver to late.




I now everybody should work with the lastest version, but sometimes it's neccesary to freeze a model version for your drawings as we have to deliver them. 


My Question: 

Is it possible to turn of the auto update and link a specified published version on the construction cloud.





Many thanks in advance


GR Edward

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