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Can't Save or Sync Revit 2017 C4R A360 Model - File not Saved; Failed to Open...

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Can't Save or Sync Revit 2017 C4R A360 Model - File not Saved; Failed to Open...



I have a user new to A360 and a team hub and project created with model uploaded to A360 through Revit. User is able to open model and so are others, but recently the user was trying to save and encountered an error:


Title: Unsynced Changes
You have made some changes to the Revit model that have not been synced to A360. If you proceed with saving, your A360 model will not contain the changes you made since your last sync. Once you save the model, it will be detached from A360 and worksets will be preserved. [Continue to Save] [Cancel]

When the user clicks on Continue to Save, she gets this message:
Title: Revit
Failed to open document. [Close]


Now, the user also tried to Synchronized with Central and received the following error:


Title: Revit
Failed to open document. [Close]


Not sure how to proceed from here. Any help/tips? Is my only recourse to have the user save locally and re-upload the file? I still need to know how to avoid this in the future.




Kristian Martin

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If a mod can delete this duplicate thread I would appreciate it. I posted one of them in a general forum and it got moved here. 

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