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Can't open the project within Revit. Projects aren't showed in open window

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Can't open the project within Revit. Projects aren't showed in open window


My problem is impossibility of opening the project within Revit. The projects is located on BIM360 and i can see them online, and in file explorer, everywhere, except Revit opening window.  Meanwhile i can open my Central model within Revit-open-BIM360...but projects(which i need for a work) are located nearby, on BIM360 too i cant even see
Yesterday it was okay, but today something is happened



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List out something you could check:

  • Is 01_Family the right folder to open the model?  You can' open a rfa file via this dialog. 
  • Please check if your folder access permission is changed. To open the model, you need edit and above permission. 
  • Is this a cloud model? You can't open a uploaded model to BIM360 via Webpage. 



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- yes, its right folder, there is "rvt" file. When i try open "rfa" (Families-open) i can see all "rfa" files, by the way
- access permissions are the same, i'm the one who gives them
- its regular project file, which was created on BIM360 and it worked perfectly fine yesterday.
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How do you create it on BIM 360? 

I guess you may mix the cloud model with Revit files in Desktop Connector. 

Please refer to this page for details.


If nothing helped, you may just download the model from BIM360 webpage and save it as a cloud model again. 


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