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Can't open revit file

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Can't open revit file

I can't use Revit, it says " You do not currently have access to Autodesk Collaboration for Revit"

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It's highly likely that you and your team do not have a C4R subscription associated with your Autodesk IDs.  The timing is related to the Subscription Enforcement that began yesterday.


When you log into with your Autodesk ID, do you see "Collaboration for Revit" in your "Products & Services" section?


If not, does your company have a C4R subscription?  If so, have the Contract Manager assign subscriptions to the team members who need it.  If you'd like to continue trying out C4R, you're welcome to start a free 60-day C4R trial, which after following the up-and running instructions will allow you to work on cloud workshared models in other BIM 360 Team hubs beyond your trial hub, if you so choose.  If you're in a bind with an existing project, this is simplest option to continue working while you evaluate if you'd like to subscribe to the C4R product.


If you'd like to subscribe to the product, work with your reseller partner or subscribe on our eStore.



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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