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Can't keep up with architectural changes

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Can't keep up with architectural changes

We are a structural consulting firm and all of our Architectural models are linked into our structural models.


Recently, I have come across a conundrum: I can't keep up with the adjustments that keep being made by the owner/Architect. Yes, I know how to use collaboration and have tried using copy/monitor but the changes being made continue to be significant and Revit is unable to keep up. 


The main problem is that the architectural model is a single model where there are three main components that change independently of one another. The foundation, the main house and a connected tower. Now, I have thought of maybe breaking our structural model into a model for the foundation, a model for the house and a model for the connection so whenever the owner/arch changes something (I.E. the main house shifts on the foundation but the foundation does not move) I'm hoping if I draw up the foundation model that I can isolate the separate entities and changes to any one structure won't affect the structures of the other two. My problem is I am very afraid that things will not work out as I intend and that I will have wasted a bunch of time for nothing.


Has anyone out there come across a similar scenario? To date, I've started "from scratch" twice and there are rumors of other changes coming down the pipe. There has got to be an easier method to keeping up with these structure shifts.


Thanks in advance!



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