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Can't assign C4R to a user

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Can't assign C4R to a user

I just purchased our second seat for Collaborate for Revit. I logged into my subscription center and went to the management tab. I see my two product licenses. One has already been in use and assigned to a user and does indicate 1 seat available and is being used. The new one I want to assign to another user but the check box to assign this new A360 is gray and it indicates 0/5 seats available. It also does not indicate any seat count on the management tab. I then went into A360 Team to see if I can assign a HUB to the new product license. It only shows the original licenses assigned to a hub. The other license is not listed.

I am not sure what I am missing in setting this up. My process, I thought would be this:

1. Purchase a per month subscription.

2. Wait for confirmation of the purchase and email indicated I have the new license. Which I did receive.

3. Go into my management site and assign the user to the new license.

4. Go to A360 team and assign new license to the HUB we have that the other license also point to.

5. Install Collaborate for Revit 2015 on user's workstation (completed).

Done.  What am I missing or is there an issue with Autodesk not providing me a working license?

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Hi @jraesly,


By default, the seat to a new license is assigned to the contract manager, meaning you need to unassign access from the contract manager (yourself) before assigning access to a new user. I have gone ahead and unassigned you, you should now be able to assign the A360 access to a different user.

Matt DiMichele
Autodesk Product Blogs | @ADSKCommunity Twitter

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