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Can not access A360 project folder from Revit

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Can not access A360 project folder from Revit

I am attempting to work on a project with an Architect in Chicago.  I am in Iowa.  We are both running the same version of licensed AD Building Design Suite Premium, we both have Collaboration for Revit suscriptions (and i believe we have the entitlements set).


My colleague set up the project and invited me to join.  I accepted and i can see all of the project content via the web browings in A360.  Our Communicator is up and running and we have been exchanging texts.  I can download to my machine any of the content.


So the issue is when i open Revit and start the open project dialouge box, i select A360 from location selection on the left, i see the project folder.  So when i go to access the folder, it get the following message.


"You do not have sufficient privileges to complete this action" error popup message, which prevents me from accessing the model file via Revit.


This is most confusing in that I can see, open/view, download any of the content from the cloud site, but when I go to access the project folder via Revit i can not get in.


does anyone have a similar experiences or soulutions.  thanks

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Sounds like the C4R entitlement isn't associated with the Autodesk ID you have signed into with Revit.  When you log into with that Autodesk ID, do you see C4R in the list of products and services?



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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