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Can no longer access any of my C4R projects

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Can no longer access any of my C4R projects

Is something going on with the C4R service? I was working fine this morning and now I'm getting the following error when trying to upload to C4R:




"No Team Project Access


You cannot use the option "Collaborate using the cloud" because you do not have access to any cloud projects."





I can see all of my projects in the BIM 360 Team web portal / team hub, they just don't show up in Revit. I've restarted, and logged-out and back in, still get the error. looks all green.

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in reply to: JADAstudio

Members of our firm are getting the same thing. I am as well, which is problematic because i am the administrator of our hub and all of our projects.


I can see my projects on the website, but not in Revit...


82 Mar. 02 15.19.jpg

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in reply to: JADAstudio

Okay... well at least it isn't just me.


Down for almost an hour now?  How do we find out when its back up?  And is there anyway to work in the mean time?  Deadline and all that!!!!!

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in reply to: chadley

Also seeing this on the page....


84 Mar. 02 15.22.jpg

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in reply to: nbower

Just updated as well... still working on it.  Sigh...Smiley Surprised

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in reply to: chadley

We're getting the exact same error, "You are not a member of any BIM 360 Team projects."  It was working fine this morning.


EDIT: It appears to be working now!

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