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CAD link

When I link a CAD file into Revit it goes into paper space, but i need it in model space. If i copy it into model space it changes the settings and doesn't look right anymore. 

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I'm sorry but I'm confused because there isn't a "paper space" or "model space" in Revit. 

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Sorry, I guess I mean in the floor plan view versus outside the view. Every time I import a CAD no matter where I am in the model it always puts it outside the view I am trying to link it into, into the space where the titleblock and things like that are.

I then copy it from outside the view to inside the view, but then it changes the visual settings of the CAD file and removes some lines for some reason.


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Pictures please?

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@Anonymous hello, in autocad try to move your drawing one corner 0,0 origin and link again into revit. when linking into revit tick current views only and choose origin to origin. thanks

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