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C4R This model has been transmitted from another location.

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C4R This model has been transmitted from another location.

Hello all,


I have a user that can not re-open the model using C4R and revit 2015.  Other users are not having the issue.  The error is as listed in the imagec4r.jpg


I followed the steps at shown in another post ( ) and the issue persisted.


I can confirm that the user is on update 10 for revit and is using this most current version of C4R  (15.2, I think.  well above the 15.0 recommended in the article).  I can also confirm that other users are not haveing any issues accessing the model.


any help would be greatly appreciated as this user has already lost a days work on this issue.


thank you

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If other users don't have any issues opening and syncing to this project, the central file is most likely OK and the issues is likely with the local cashed files.


I would start by removing the local cashed files for this project file and recreate the from scratch.


Follow the instructions in the following link to locate the local cashed copy:


Delete the local copy of the project folder (the entire folder). 


Start Revit and open the project again from A360 and it should recreate the local cashed files.


If this still doesn't work, could you send me the Revit journal file from this session.





Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer

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