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C4R stuck on folder loading

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C4R stuck on folder loading

Hi All,



When using C4R can you have 2 different version of Revit open ?


I seem to get an issue when ever I'm working in one version and then have to open up a different version to make some minor modifications. that when I come to choose the project folder it just stays on loading until I close both versions and then re-open the version needed for C4R






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If you click on Revit's help button, select "About Autodesk Revit 20xx," and then click the license info button, do you find that your two versions of Revit are licensed using two different serial numbers?


Mike Lee

Autodesk C4R QA



Michael B. Lee

Principal QA Analyst
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in reply to: leemichaelb

Yes two different versions both with different serial numbers

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Hello @Benlwatts

A possible workaround that might work in this case is to start the second instance with 'Run as a different user' (Shift+Right Click) on Revit.exe or Revit icon


Does this allow you to resolve the problem?  I look forward to your reply.

Michael C
Technical Support Specialist
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