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C4R Service - Reliability Degradation - 3.29.16

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C4R Service - Reliability Degradation - 3.29.16

Update 2:17pm EST 3/28/16: We have identified a compatibility issue with the latest Revit 2016 UR4 update, which is causing degraded Sync with Central (SWC) reliability for those that installed it. We have confirmed this issue internally, and are working to resolve the issue within our services.


Teams are advised to defer installing the latest Revit 2016 UR4 until we have resolved the matter on the Cloud Worksharing service. We apologize for the disruption this may be causing, and are urgently working to resolve the matter.


Update 5:41pm EST 3/28/16: The Cloud Worksharing reliability issue associated with the Revit 2016 UR4 update has been resolved. The issue was resolved on the service itself, so no updates to the downloadable files were required.

Teams are encouraged to download and install the latest update, as it contains valuable enhancements to reliability and workflow.


Update at 10:42am EST 3/29/16: The team is tracking an issue with the Cloud Worksharing service that is producing degraded reliability of worksharing commands across Revit 2015 and Revit 2016.  We are scaling up the service to improve reliability while we identify the root cause.


Update at 12:10pm EST 3/29/16: Scaling the service + some service-side fixes appear to have stabilized reliability.  Teams impacted are encouraged to try doing a SWC to ensure the changes are resulting in expected reliability analytics.


Update at 1:09pm EST 3/29/16:  Analytics from the service are indicating that reliability of major operations are back into typical boundaries.  Teams are encouraged to work normally and report any issues experience to us.

Cloud Worksharing Reliability Today.png

Update at 4:41pm EST 3/29/16: Analytics from the service continue to indicate that the major degradation this morning is resolved, but reliability continues to be below the typical service operation (see below).  The product team has been fully focused on restoring the service to typical operation, and has a fix moving it's way through our delivery pipeline that should accomplish that goal.  Delivery timeframe is 7:30pm EST.

Cloud Worksharing Reliability Today 2.png

Update at 9:31pm EST 3/29/16: We are back to green on the Health Dashboard based upon measured reliability over the past hours.  More information to come after the retrospective on this incident.

Cloud Worksharing Reliability Today 3.png


- Kyle & C4R Team

Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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There are a number of possible explanations for worksharing reliability glitches.  To more accurately diagnose and get you underway, can you post a journal illustrating the problem please?  Thank you!



Michael B. Lee

Principal QA Analyst
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in reply to: KyleB_Autodesk

Michael and Kyle,


First off, a great big hello!   I've installed 2016 R2 Update Release 4 and C4Rv5.   I'm actually having a support issue that I'm trying to solve with one of our Revit solutions AND Revit Server, NOT C4R.   Update Release 4 seems to have partially fixed an issue that I was having with worksharing on Revit Server.   Do you have a summary of what was fixed or improved in Revit Update Release 4?   I have summaries for Update Release 1, 2, 3 but not 4.   It would be very helpful to know what worksharing areas were improved or changed in Update Release 4.


Thank you.     Richard Taylor

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