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C4R - Moving links

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C4R - Moving links

Once shared coordinates have been enabled within the C4R environment - you cant move the links ...yikes!

Its even documented here.

In our case, we have C4R building files linked into C4R site file, but since shared coordinates have been enabled, we are now unable to move the buildings around the site. 
Out workaround is to disable shared coordinates, then move the bldg in the site files, and move the site in the building file.
We cant enable shared coordinates afterwards since it moves them back.

How does one make shared coordinate work in a standard user process within C4R, does anyone know?

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C4R with shared coordinates is a restricted environment.


This post explains some workarounds -


And a simple explanation  -


My issue is trying to figure out how someone can force the link to move. It has happened on our projects. Either by user error or a glitch the link is able to be shifted around. If I have an explanation I can avoid this problem in the future.

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