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C4R Load Failed - Multiple users need to relinquish

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C4R Load Failed - Multiple users need to relinquish

Working in Revit 2018.2, we have a cloud hosted model that when attempting to open pops the "Can't edit the element until user abcd resaves the element to central and relinquishes". When I expand the error report, there is a second error that says "Can't edit the element until user efgh resaves the element to central and relinquishes". There is the Place Request option or Cancel. Either option leads to another notification saying "Load Cancelled" and the model closes. I have talked to both users, they get the same thing. When user abcd opens the model, the error says user efgh needs to resave/relinquish and user efgh gets the error that abcd needs to save and relinquish.


Currently, nobody can open the model without the load failed message and the model closing. I've tried using the delete items option, but even after deleting the locked items, the model still closes. Is there a way around this? 

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Figured it out - there is a "Force Relinquish" in the actions dropdown of the manage cloud models dialog box. 

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This is not a solution. When syncing in the past owned elements did not hold up the syncing process. this The other issue I've noticed that there are no options for relinquishing any elements on C4R.

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