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C4R issues

Beyond desperate here.  I followed the Autodesk store personnels direction to change from monthly to annual subscription. I started with a link to setup a demo 30 day period to try collaboration for revit. It turned out that I had to pay for a monthly subscription to get that 30 day demo. I complained and got a refund for the subscription this led to a 30 day charge before I knew it. I will say that autodesk needs a 30 day free trial of this service.  At the end of that process you could then purchase the subscription if you want to continue. I was told by the autodesk store personnel that I had to cancel the monthly subscription and re-purchase a subscription at the annual level. I did that 7 days prior to the end of the monthly subscription.  Everything seemed fine until midnight last night. I have an active annual subscription that I cannot use at this point. I determined that A360 Team was removed when the monthly subscription was ended. Not to bad except that I have now been unable to work on any of my projects models because I still cannot access C4R. I still have no one assigned to the 1-Critical case that I setup early am today. I have lost 2 more projects today because of this. Worse those clients will not be back and I had a good relationship with them until I pushed C4R as the collaboration tool to use.  I will lose another project by midday tomorrow if I cannot regain access to the C4R system. I have access to the A360 Team site, but none of the models were published prior to losing access so unless I can get access to them soon. ETC...... Man Frustrated


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