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C4R crashes uploading or opening files - Revit 2017 OR 2018

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C4R crashes uploading or opening files - Revit 2017 OR 2018

I am unable to open files from BIM 360 Team using C4R, in either Revit 2017.2 or Revit 2018.2. 


When I attempt to open an existing file from BIM 360 Team, I immediately get the oh-so-informative error "Autodesk Revit has stopped working" (no kidding - the fact that Revit just went away wouldn't be a clue to that effect). I get the same error when attempting to upload a new file using C4R. It initiates worksharing and then while it indicates that it is uploading the file, the message appears and Revit executes the "quick exit feature". However - the file IS uploaded - it shows up on the BIM 360 Team site - I just can't work on it in C4R after that. 


I've tried this with multiple files, multiple projects, and even created a brand new project, brand new file - same thing.


I tried disabling Communicator - no change.


I'm attaching the last couple of journal files - I didn't see anything that was an obvious error in them, myself...


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Update - I just had a co-worker attempt opening the file that I uploaded earlier (when it crashed) and he is able to open the file and work  in it just fine. So... it's something on my end... Can I uninstall / reinstall just the personal accelerator for Revit? 

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in reply to: MattDillon247

We had a similar situation a couple months back where one user suddenly had issues accessing a file that they were working on a day prior just fine.  Other users were able to access the file as usual but it just wasn't happening for this one user.  We tried a few things like repairing, checking hard drive space available, and a few others but in the end we uninstalled/reinstalled Revit 2017 with the latest patches and the issue cleared up.  Not the most convenient fix but it worked.


To my knowledge it's not possible to only install/update C4R as it gets integrally installed with Revit itself.  I believe Revit Server Accelerator is the same.

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in reply to: daveaug

Yeah... that's what I'm afraid of... Interesting that it's happening with both Revit 2017 and 2018, though.

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Update - I broke down and uninstalled/reinstalled Revit - seems to have cleared up the problem. I only performed the action for Revit 2018, but it seems to have fixed Revit 2017 as well.



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