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C4R and/or BIM360 Design access interrupted CURRENTLY?

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C4R and/or BIM360 Design access interrupted CURRENTLY?

It seems we have lost touch with a major C4R project (4/11/2019).

Some of our VDC crew were running of GC Licenses, and some were running of our BIM360 Design seats.

However, when I visit  it looks as if our BIM 360 Design is missing from our Products. We are fine with yearly subscription. 


Visiting the Health Dashboard - History shows issues yesterday... but today it indicates operations as normal.


Anyone else seeing this?

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in reply to: mdhutchinson

@mdhutchinson The service is operating normally. 


The administrative workflows you need to carry out to set up for these users depends on what you need them to do in your Project.  If you want them working on the Cloud Workshared Models, then you'd need to:

  1. Allocate a BIM 360 Design Subscription (ensuring that the Revit Cloud Worksharing sub-service is allocated) with in the Account Portal.
  2. Invite them into your Project in BIM 360, ensure they have access to the necessary Modules, and ensure they have proper access permissions to the Folders that contain the Cloud Workshared models.

Please follow the steps captured in our visual getting started guide.

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

I already understand these points you make. I believe somehow there is an issue internal to Autodesk. As i said... the Product BIM 360 Design Account has some how fallen off our Contract Addinistration and now has been missing for 3-5 days now. I found another contract has also fallen off the site... Autodesk Point Layout is missing also.


Your post is not a solution.

Also I just now submitted a case... Case Number: 15267940

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in reply to: mdhutchinson

The BIM 230 Design contract is now back on our and I can confirm that this particular user was not assigned one of our few seats. He was apparently on GC's entitlement and somehow got moved.

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