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C4R and BIM 360 Team - the missing features

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C4R and BIM 360 Team - the missing features


I am posting this in both the BIM 360 Team and C4R forums since the lines are kind of blurry of what belongs to which product and what license one needs to buy in order for these features to work 😉 We have been testing the review/collaboration features for C4R/BIM 360 Team for a couple of weeks now with some of our freelancers and below is my list of missing features that are needed to make this a viable collaboration tool.


Our current workflow: Revit central model stored on GSuite (business version). That's an important differentiator to the personal version as they use different sync clients. The business version uses their Filestream Sync client, while the personal version uses their old sync client. This is an important aspect as any file links don't break inside Revit with the new client. We used to store on the BIM360 cloud but had to switch to Google due to the new (overpriced) subscription fees for C4R (cloud). One nice side effect was that this solved the broken file links for texture and pattern files we were dealing with before.

When we conduct design reviews with our team that is spread out over different time zones the process has been (and will be for now because of the missing features below) to screenshot plan areas/3D views and most recently screenshot Enscape 3D view (because it's the most accurate representation of the 3D model), then mark them up in Bluebeam with comments. My idea was to switch to BIM360 Team for design reviews since users can comment and place markups on the model. The issue with this workflow is that there is no way to add images in the comments/markups which is a dealbreaker for any design review tool IMO. I need to be able to reference a picture or a material in a design comment. Then we tried the live review a few times but the consensus was that it's pretty much worthless without a markup tool. Audio integration would also be nice. So here's my wishlist for BIM360 Team/C4R to make it a viable design review tool:


  1. Ability to add images/screenshots/pdf to individual comments
  2. Ability to export a list of comments to spreadsheat and/or pdf
  3. Ability to assign a markup to different users
  4. Task stages of open/resolved/closed
  5. Simple markup tool to be able to circle/highlight/type text in the live review feature
  6. add audio to a live review.

So, for now, I guess we'll stick to our proven method of screenshots and pdf markups 😞




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