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C4R & Shared Parameters

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C4R & Shared Parameters

What is the best way to manager a Shared Parameter file in C4R.


Surprisingly, BIM 360 Drive does not appear in the directory for Shared Parameter Files.


This is a major oversight from Autodesk


Is there a good way to do this task?

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Are you talking Shared Parameters or Keynotes? 

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Shared Parameters, not Keynotes.


Actually I found the answer, kind of.


You need Autodesk Desktop connector. When trying to load the Shared Parameters, the folder will not even show up, but you can access it by going through 'My Computer' first.


We already experienced a problem. One of our users did not have Autodesk Desktop Connector, so she did no see my tags that were using shared Parameters. When she did a 'Tag All', the tag appeared, but on the next Synch, they disapeared from my Revit session!


So we will need to install it for everyone. Hopefully that works after it is on everyone's machines.




If you have any other way of doing it, I would be curious to know, especially since this is not full-proof.

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Please post an update if it works or not. We have come across the same issue. Should this work for linked CAD files as well? I've not found a way to link CAD files from BIM360.

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I have zero problems linking CAD from BIM 360, uing C4R.


As long as the CAD is in the BIM 360 Teams directory, you can link CAD, select the BIM 360 icon and then select the link. I have to say the icon sometimes disappears, but it reappears when rebooting the computer.


LOL, sometimes Autodesk is amateur software....

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Maybe I need to start a new topic for this question, but whenever we link a CAD file using C4R, the BIM 360 doesn't show up in the dialogue box. I remember researching this a while ago and came to the conclusion it wasn't possible (though I don't remember the reasoning).


When we link or open Revit models, we see the BIM360 icon, but it's not there for CAD files. Have any suggestions to get the BIM360 icon to show up? Does there have to be a CAD file already in BIM360 Team? Do you upload the DWG to BIM 360 Team using the website portal or some other method? link RVT.JPG


link DWG.JPG







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@austin_moorarch You can access it by going through 'My Computer' first.

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@sarsenaultbrassard Thanks for the reply. Still can't find it in 'My Computer'. Seems like something is missing on my end, so I've started a new thread to see if anyone else can help out. Thanks anyway.

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