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C4R & Revit 2018

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C4R & Revit 2018

In Revit 2017, I can see all the projects that we have in BIM360 Team. However, in Revit 2018, none of them show up. How can I access my BIM360 projects in 2018?

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@ChrisOsborne, projects in C4R are version specific. If you are going to upgrade your R2107 project to R2018 you will need to re upload it to C4R for R2018

Dave Jones - DDP
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here are the steps:

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If this is the reason I don't see any of the 13 projects I'm managing in C4R v2017 when I click the BIM360 icon in v2018.1, then maybe Autodesk should consider changing the message in the BIM 360 Dialog from "You are not a member of any projects." to "You do not have any projects in Revit v2018". I am ABSOLUTELY a member of a lot of projects - even the Communicator app in v2018 can see that, so you can't tell me the code to check it isn't possible...

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in reply to: wblaney-cda

Can anyone tel me where to get c4r 2018 i do not see anylink on the c4r site

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in reply to: rleclerc

rleclerc - C4R is built into 2018, on the Collaborate tab. You just need to have a license to the C4R services so you can establish a Team Hub to get your file on the cloud instead of your local server.

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