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BUG: Freeze during sync with certain views/sheets open - using BIM 360-Revit 2023

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BUG: Freeze during sync with certain views/sheets open - using BIM 360-Revit 2023

I am having issues with my BIM 360 model freezing every time I try to sync. Through trial and error, I was able to narrow down the issue quite a bit...


I found that when I have certain sheets open and showing on screen when I initiate a sync, Revit freezes during the "save to central" step. 


Interestingly, I'm even able to make changes to the sheets that cause the freeze and successfully sync those changes, as long as I close the sheet before I sync. I can even sync with the faulty sheets open, as long as the tab isn't showing on the screen when I activate the sync command. 


The sheets causing the freeze have 3D views on them. If I open the 3D views individually and sync, there are no problems, which would indicate the issue is with the sheet..?


*I have the latest updates for Revit 2023 and Autodesk desktop connector. I also tried a reinstall of Revit 2023 and disabling add-ons, to no avail. My internet connection is great. 

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Sometimes sheets get corrupted. Recreate the sheets to see if the issue continues.

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