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BIM360 access from ProjectWise

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BIM360 access from ProjectWise

Hello Everyone,


I was submitted to a problem...!!


I must connect my central model (from architecture) located in the BIM360 Team cloud with another one located in a ProjectWise cloud.

The problem here is that we work in differents clouds because we are in different groups of partners in this project and each other choose a different base cloud for working. And now we must collaborate in a common part of the project and we only have licenses for our cloud.


My question here is how can we work in simultaneous with these two platforms, how can we share with another platform from BIM360, and the must import can we just give access to the central model and not to the entire project in BIM360.


I think this is a recurrent problem, I have the same with Revizto, I only can work their cloud and not with BIM360 directly...!!


I thank you all in advance for the answers.


Hélder Dias.

BIM Coordinator

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Hello Hélder,


After internal researches, we are not aware of the existence of any solutions that would connect those two platforms.

But this probably could be achieved by using Autodesk Forge platform that gives the users the access of Autodesk cloud solutions API.

It should then be possible to access the BIM 360 models data in order to push them to ProjectWise.


I would recommend you to get in touch we one of the certified Autodesk Forge Integrator that may give you further details on that matter.


If you find your post answered press the Accept as Solution button please. This will help other users to find solutions much faster. Thank you.



Guillaume Chazal
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in reply to: Guillaume.Chazal

Hello @Guillaume.Chazal,

It has been 3 years since your post above and I was wondering if you could provide an update on this topic?

For example, are you aware of any specific development of the API's that might support this or examples where users/system integrators have been able to successfully achieve integration between BIM360 and ProjectWise?

Thank you

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