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BIM Protocol and BIM Execution Plan

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BIM Protocol and BIM Execution Plan

Hi everyone,


This may be a silly question but ... What is the difference between a BIM Protocol and a BIM Execution Plan? Is the BIM Execution Plan a section of the BIM Protocol or are they 2 different documents? What's the actual difference? I've done some research and these 2 documents seem to cover pretty much the same information. Am I wrong?





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This is no silly question at all and very important to work in collaborative environment

Bim protocol and Bim execution plan are two different documents. Architect the author should have Bim execution plan ready for smoothly running the project

at Bim kickoff meeting.

-setting project start date/estimated completion date etc. during each phase of the project.

-Also mention key contacts of each descipline (Arch/mech/struct)

-which version of Revit used by all parties

-how often model will be exchanged for coordination

-measurement and coordinate system-(i.e height datum, project location E/Northing, model positioning

 (so when model linked it should line up. no big surprises)

-which format model will be delivered.


Bim protocol covers how your company has taken the approch to model the building and 2d documentions/model managment/model setup/model naming conventions. (really helps to someone whos is not pat of project team to understand  if its central model or standalone or detached from central)


Every organisation using BIM has their Bim protocol. I believe everyone follows industry specific but could be company specific decided by an experience BIM manager in liasion with company directors. In Revit you dont want to model each and everything. for eg. waterproofing membrane in arch. dwgs you can simply denote that easily in 2d dwgs and not necessary to model.


if you still need to know more I dont mind sharing our protocol just simply message me


pls find attached effective ways of collaboration techniques

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