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BIM collaborate pro license needed for Revit viewer?

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BIM collaborate pro license needed for Revit viewer?

Do I need to assign a BIM Collaborate Pro License to a member invited to projects so they can see it in Revit Viewer?

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Thank you for the question @ContrerasAlejandra!


I would expect that a license of BIM Collaborate Pro would be required in order to open a live cloud model directly in Revit (Revit Home -> Autodesk Docs).


However, you could open a published copy of the cloud model through the Desktop Connector (Open -> This PC -> Autodesk Docs) without requiring a BIM Collaborate Pro license. The user would need to be invited to the project and have at least download level permissions to the model.


Alternatively, you could share a cloud model with someone to view in a browser (which wouldn’t require Revit or a BIM Collaborate Pro license):

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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