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BIM Collaborate Pro Assembly Colors In Model

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BIM Collaborate Pro Assembly Colors In Model

Is there a way to get the colors of either the assembly or the systems to show in the cloud when using the model coordination? 

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In order to better help you, may I ask: What product are you working with - Inventor? Revit?

Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner
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I'm working in Revit. 

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Okay, you're working in Revit - thanks.

Can you give me an example of what you're doing, what you expect to see in the cloud, and what you're actually seeing? From your earlier description, I'm thinking you're creating a model, specifying a specific color for one or more element(s) in the model, and then saving that model to the cloud. But when you open the model from its cloud location, you're not seeing the color you specified on the same element(s). Is that correct? Can you give me a little more detail (screenshots or video clips are great if possible)? Thanks!

Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner
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Yes that is correct. Specifically the assembly and or system colors. 

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