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BIM 360 won't load at the home page

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BIM 360 won't load at the home page

I'm working on a could of projects on BIM 360. Normally I can open my file from the home page by either clicking on the project from the home screen or going to the BIM 360 link on the left side and finding the correct file located in the correct folder. For some reason with Revit 2021 that location acts like is loading something but it never loads anything or shows any of the hubs I have access to like I can with other Revit versions. Image 2 shows the hubs I'm able to access with Revit 2020.






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Thank you for the question @isosa9APBT!


It sounds like you could be seeing the issue described in the following article:

Projects on BIM 360 are not displayed in Revit


Can you confirm if clearing the CEFCache or the Internet Explorer temporary files resolves the issue?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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