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BIM 360 Team

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BIM 360 Team

Roughly 2 months ago I started working on a project with a GC who decided we were going to use BIM 360 Team for collaboration. Up until today everything has worked with no issues. Within Revit i would click open, go to BIM 360 Team and the folder that was share would be located right there. Now i get the message "You do not currently have access to Autodesk Collaboration fro Revit" I just had this open yesterday and it was working fine. I went online to A360 and signed in, It shows the folder there so i can get access to this via the web but not via Revit whcih i need because this is where we sync our files back to.



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Good morning David,


When you browse to and sign in with your Autodesk account, do you see "Collaboration for Revit" listed amongst your products and services?


Mike Lee

Autodesk C4R QA

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No I do not see it and I dont think I've ever had it. 

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Hi David,


Likely the loss of access is due to the enforcement of subscriptions which began yesterday, Oct 19th.  If you look to the topic "C4R Subscription Enforcement Starts October 19th" you'll find more information.


Mike Lee

Autodesk C4R QA

Michael B. Lee

Principal QA Analyst

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