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BIM 360 Team help

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BIM 360 Team help

I have a client that submitted a support request yesterday. My co-workers that are familiar with BIM 360 services are out of the office this week, and Partner Product Support sent me here. Can you please help me with the question below.



I am needing some help with BIM 360 Team.

I had saved some Revit models from within Revit to BIM 360 Team. All went well and the project is being collaborated.

Today, I made some changes to the model on our server and I tried to save the changes to the model in the cloud but it say the model cannot be saved because a model with the same file name exists. I went to the web browser page for BIM 360 Team for the project and deleted the file from there. I then went back into Revit and trying to save it again to the cloud, it still tells me the file cannot be saved because it already exists.

Is this normal and is there a specific process that I am missing?

Thank you,
Jennifer Hoskens
CAD-1, Inc.
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Hi Jennifer,


When the model get's deleted from BIM 360 Team instead of through the "Manage Cloud Models" dialog the relationship between the two get's broken.  What I would do is open the model that you were trying to delete in BIM 360 Team, do a sync with central making no changes, close the model and then republish it.  Once it publishes correctly, you should be able to delete it from the "Manage cloud models" dialog, which should then allow you to re-initiate the new model.  After the re-publish you can also rename the model if you need its history.  


Let me know if you need additional assistance.

Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager
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A member of Autodesk support team was able to contact the customer directly, and resolved the issue. I do not know the steps taken to resolve.

Thank you,
Jennifer Hoskens
CAD-1, Inc.

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