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BIM 360 - Some Quick Math

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BIM 360 - Some Quick Math

Currently we own 150+ seats of C4R at $900 a year = $135k Or about $10/hr per seat.

I've currently got 150 users that can't access their project

I'll go with an average of say $25/hr rate with relates to about $75/ Billable in lost revenue and production, which will all still need to be done by the deadline we've been given.  

I've got 4 of them today.  Clients don't care if the internet is down.  Deadlines are deadlines.

I'm burning money and rate of about $90/min  (over $5k per hour) when it's down and I'm not producing anything.

Where's my reimbursement?  I see ADSK stock price is still about $130/share.  I guess I know where my money is going.




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