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BIM 360 Revit Cloud Upgrade Test

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BIM 360 Revit Cloud Upgrade Test

Good morning, 


I am going to be putting the Model upgrade utility to a big test this upcoming long weekend, and I would like to run a test prior to this event. Given that this project is huge I Am not certain of the time that it will take to upgrade the entire project. We have over 170 Revit files to upgrade.  I am choosing to do this on a Long weekend to give me enough time to upgrade and then Share and consume all models. Prior to this, I would like to run a Test but I am not sure how long the test would take so I would like to do it during the week. 


My question is the following:

If I choose to run the Upgrade Test, would the files still be available for users to work on? or do I need to run the Test when nobody is working?


I understand that while doing the actual upgrade nobody should be working on the files, but is it the same for the test?


It would be greatly appreciated if someone from Autodesk could reply to this ASAP 


Thank you kindly in advance, 



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in reply to: MTSL3D

Hi Rodrigo,


The models resulting from the test upgrade are not saved anywhere, so they will not be available to you or your users. At the end of the test upgrade you will get a report with errors encountered (if any), that you will need to resolve before upgrading the project.




Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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in reply to: sasha.crotty

Hi Sasha, 


Thank you kindly for the reply Sasha, however, while I do realize that the test models won't be available, my question was directed to the current models, not the Test models. if I start a Test, would users be able to work on the current models (not the upgraded ones) while the test is running?


Thank you kindly again for a quick reply. 




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in reply to: MTSL3D

I would like to know the answer to this question as well.  The previous answer from Autodesk didn't answer the question.  Thanks!

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in reply to: cslaten

During test upgrade, your team members are still able to work on the project and save changes as usual. 

Catherine Liu
Product Owner, Revit

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