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BIM 360 Not able to connect

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BIM 360 Not able to connect

Good afternoon all, my office is having an issue working on a BIM 360 project with an architect. I will be able to connect sporadically. I will be able to connect, open the file, and work for a bit, then try and sync, and it will give an error that Revit is not connected. I will have to log out, and log back in to the Autodesk Desktop app, and sometimes it will work, other times, i'm stuck login in and out for 20 minutes until it decides to connect. Revit shows I am logged in at the top right, but it refuses to connect to the BIM360 project folder. 


Please help



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in reply to: Zak_V

Hey Zak,


I can understand how frustrating this must be. Are you still experiencing the issue? I'm curious if exit the Autodesk Desktop App (make sure it's not running in the notification area) and sign in via Revit do you still experience the problem? What version of Revit are you using?




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