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BIM 360 icon missing after crash of Autodesk Desktop App

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BIM 360 icon missing after crash of Autodesk Desktop App


I filed a crash report around 2/2 related to the use of Autodesk Desktop App. Since then my BIM360 icon is missing from my File Open dialog within both 2018 and 2017.  Since then I have tried these methods, to no avail:


1. Repair of Collaboration for Revit 2018 (errored because it had been uninstalled??). My best guess is that one my service was erroneously stopped on 2/1 that the Autodesk Desktop App uninstalled it in the background, because I certainly did not.

2. Repair or Revit 2018 - all went well but nothing improved for C4R

3. Forced the uninstall of C4R from Control panel - noted that it would remove it from the Control Panel despite the fact that it had been already uninstalled.

4. Searched in vain from within the Desktop App to re-install C4R.



1. I do have an active subscription for C4R which is working as expected on another computer.


What's my next step?


Glynnis Patterson

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Looking for help - anybody?

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What if you re-install the latest update? Find the .exe somewhere in the download location from the Autodesk Desktop App. You'll have the search some folders to find the correct one. You'llhave to do this for each version of Revit.




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Thierry - fantastic!

Thanks for the tip.


Re-running these two files, from the download location, solved the problem: PACR.msi  and RCAO.msi

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