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BIM 360 Docs model upgrade requires new cloud project?

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BIM 360 Docs model upgrade requires new cloud project?

This page seems to indicate that the only way to upgrade a BIM 360 Docs cloud worksharing project is to create a new cloud project. Is this correct?


Essentially this means that all linked file paths will break and that we will have to re-create any additional folders, copy other files, etc. to the new project. That seems like a huge step backwards from the project upgrade functionality in BIM 360 Team.


If I understand this correctly it means that projects simply will not get upgraded and will remain in the version of Revit they began, which is hugely unfortunate for folks that have projects which span multiple years / software versions.


Have I got this right?

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in reply to: JADAstudio

Hi @JADAstudio,


Yes, you’re on the right track! Your post as well as the this link describe the workflow.


So, once you upgrade your host model, the links within the newly upgraded model will be unloaded. You will then need to upgrade all of your links, as well. In Document management, create a new cloud project for the new version project (Each year version of Revit will have its own project). After a model has been workshared, the BIM 360 project is only visible to the release of Revit the model was shared from. Cloud models can only be linked to other models shared using the same release.


Next initiate the host model to the cloud (links as well) to the new project. When you open the newly published model the links should now be visible on the cloud. Next within Revit, you will then need to path the cloud links in Manage Links.


Once that is done, you can confirm it is working correctly by opening the upgraded model and check the Manage Links dialog and confirm they are loaded.


I agree, it is a bit of a timely process. If you preferred the BIM 360 Team upgrade cloud workshared model workflow, your professional feedback and recommendations at Autodesk’s REVIT IDEAS page would be welcome. This is where customers provide suggestions for new features and enhancements, then other Revit users vote on it, and the Revit product managers and engineers pull from these ideas for further Revit development.


Here is an additional link on the topic: About Migrating Linked Models to BIM 360 Document Management


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Kelsey Skaug
Autodesk Technical Support
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in reply to: Kelsey.S

Thanks, Kelsey. I appreciate the info.


I guess I'm just flabbergasted that this is the case. Creating a new cloud project means losing (or manually duplicating) all of the project intelligence stored in BIM 360 that has been accumulated to-date.

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