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BIM 360 Design - Freeze when saving to central

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BIM 360 Design - Freeze when saving to central

I am creating this post on behalf of a customer. When synchronizing to central using the Revit Cloud Worksharing on BIM 360 Design Collaboration, it will sometimes get stuck at "Save to central" on 3.5KB remaining up to the point where one has to close Revit via the Task Manager. Has anyone experienced this issue and if so, what would be the cause? The Internet Speed is fine (40Mbps Fibre).


Annotation 2019-10-02 133751 (003).jpg

Kind Regards,
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in reply to: PeterH

Interesting. The Enscape downgrade to previous version solved it for us (at least for now). Are you using the cloud version of keynote manager or local server?

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in reply to: dhenkePWD9T

We do use Revolution Design Keynote Manager (for now), but haven't been able to link to anything with it causing a freeze like this. We don't use the cloud version, so perhaps that is what the culprit is. Have you been able to temporarily disable it and see that it continues working without it? That's how I found Enscape 2.8 as our culprit.

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in reply to: alexanderc

I was responding to Peter H, who says he is not using Enscape and is experiencing the BIM360 freeze. Per my previous post, I downgraded from Enscape 2.8 to 2.7 and the freeze stopped. Knock on wood.

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in reply to: sampie

 Our BIM IT Department solved our problems with this

Here are the steps:

-Exit Revit 2018

-Open up this folder:  ProgramData/Autodesk/Revit/Addins/2018/<COMPANY NAME DELETED>/Contents

-Open the Pantopes.ini file

-Change this 1 to a 0 (highlighted below)



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in reply to: Anonymous

I need to point out that Panoptes is a company-internal add-in, so this solution won't be applicable to folks outside of the company.

R. Robert Bell
BIM Manager

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