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BIM 360 Design, Can't Link Models from Shared or Consumed Folders

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BIM 360 Design, Can't Link Models from Shared or Consumed Folders

Linked Document 360// Not found. The link will be unloadedLinked Document 360// Not found. The link will be unloaded

I am currently, using the one month BIM 360 Design trial to evaluate the product reliability.

So far I can only link Models from the main Architectural folder which are Workshared Models, but can't link published models to the Shared or Consumed folders. Which are models that get updated when members decide to share them.

Where is the problem.

I believe, I have done everything as per the Guide. 

Desktop Connector installed.

Model appears in the Desktop connector Shared file.

The system starts downloading the model.

The icon next to the model while downloading is showing a preview of the correct Model.

After few seconds the downloading stops and you get the previous message.



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in reply to: adams00052

Downloading Revit model from desktop connector will create a new detached workshared model and break connection with previous central model. 

Please link model directly via inserting revit link.


and you may refer to What is the difference when I open, save or link a Revit file by Desktop Connector? in the article


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