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Best practice for linked models with C4R?

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Best practice for linked models with C4R?

What is the best practice for linked models with C4R?  I have an Architectural firm with a number of architectural project models linked into each other.


For example on a large project we would break up the model into separate models for Exterior Envelope, Interiors, Architectural Structure, Site, and Underground Parking.  Every model would have every other model linked into it for coordination purposes.  If I were working on the Interiors model it would have the other 4 models linked into it for my reference.


How should I have this set up in C4R?  Can these 5 models exist in the cloud and be linked into each other?  If I update one does it reload the link after synching just like it would normally work in a workshare enabled model on my server?  I have used C4R a bit on a single model project and we had links but they were static links from the consultant that were fine to just be stored on my hard drive, updated when we received a new model from the consultant.


Please advise.


Regards Peter.


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You can create all of the models in the cloud and then when you link them, you can link to BIM 360, rather than linking locally.

Tomislav Golubovic
Technical Specialist - Plant and Infrastructure
Autodesk Australia / New Zealand
Autodesk, Inc.
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Thanks.  That is what I was hoping would be the solution.  So each of the models sits in the cloud and if any of the other models are synched they will update when you reload the link, or open the project file with the link inside?  It works exactly the way it would on a server as central files?


Regards Peter.


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