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Best practice for eTransmit 2016

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Best practice for eTransmit 2016



I am curious as to what options of a Revit file affect the speed of eTransmit. The process used to take just one minute and now goes on for 2 hours. Even if files are manually purged, eTransmit doesn't process linked Revit/CAD anything, but I think it still opens the links. 


Ideas of what could affect the speed of eTransmit could be : 

The number of worksets, the default active workset that eTransmit opens the file to?, the number of linked Revit models. 


Does anyone have any suggestions to speed up the process? 

This is only for Revit 2016, since the 2017 eTransmit has no problems. 

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Hi, not sure if you found a solution. In our office, we detach the model from central and discard worksets (if not needed) before running eTransmit. We set it to include links and purge. If the model you are eTransmitting is an older version, it will take longer because it will upgrade the model and all of the links. Hope that helps!

Kimberly Fuhrman, LEED AP BD+C
Freelance Architectural Technologist

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