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Be able to link a model from desktop not on autodesk external resources

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Be able to link a model from desktop not on autodesk external resources



Our office is using an autodesk docs and every individuals have autodesk connector. That's how we work together. 


We are having a difficulty linking revit projects. 


스크린샷 2024-04-30 093346.png

 That project 1 - 10 files are what we are trying to link on the cloud model and those are in our autodesk docs.


스크린샷 2024-04-30 093425.png


And they are also in our autodesk connector folder.


스크린샷 2024-04-30 093824.png

 I was originally able to link from the autodesk connector folder(red arrow) but it is only shown on my computer not on my coworker's computer. So I assume I should link those files from the External Resource (blue arrow).



스크린샷 2024-04-30 094120.png

But it's empty there even though I have the files in my autodesk docs and autodesk connecter as I showed above.


It only allows one computer but not on everyone who is sharing the autodesk docs. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? 



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in reply to: taejooY875Z

Did you make them cloud models or just upload them? They should be saved as cloud models.

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in reply to: RSomppi

No I didn't. We have one cloud model and try to upload those models into the cloud model. Ohh does those model have to be a cloud model as well? 

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in reply to: taejooY875Z

I believe so. That is the way I do it and link them directly from the cloud.

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in reply to: RSomppi

It works! Thank you!

But I do have one more question. It preciously worked before. but it didn't work after we linked other cloud model. Is it something if we linked detached model, only detached models are allowed to be linked and if we started to link cloud model, only cloud models are allowed to be linked? 

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